A beautifully written piece that transcends boundaries and speaks to each of us in our own communities

Navya Singh

I’m a 20 year old girl, I have witnessed this country go through great changes and transformations in just these two decades. We have adapted to new developments and variations and somehow managed to cope up with them.

But If you ask me, what is that one thing that we have lost on our way to becoming this country is, respect. I don’t even remember when did we last do justice to this word without adding any prefixes to it and putting it to use.

I am a girl, a daughter of an army officer, a voter and I live alone in a city. Every word that gave me an identity in the last sentence, also contained a fear of each kind attached to it.

We have come down to become a nation, where people don’t want to respect other genders. We don’t want to respect the system or the…

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