Out with the Old, In with the …

declutter your wokspace

Now that we’re into the second day of the new year, I’ve had time to reflect on what was 2018.  As always, the year was filled with happiness, sorrow, surprises aplenty and the mundane bits thrown in for good measure. As the festivities close – Happy Solstice / Happy Christmas – and preparation for the coming seasons begin, now is a great time to de clutter, minimising what you have to make room for the new.
Most of us always think first of de-cluttering our homes – which is always a good start and a really easy way to get the family involved.  Then, we might de-clutter our work spaces in preparation for more or new work, clear our email inboxes (one of my least favourite things to do!) and clear out the garage / shed.
When all that’s done and the family are proud of their efforts, do you then take time to de-clutter your personal space?  I used to think it selfish to take time out from caring for those I loved and catching up with friends or playing ‘hookey’ from work.  Until I realised that if I wasn’t functioning at maximum levels with a clear and calm head, then the wheels begin to fall off and everything comes apart.
After the revelry of the New Year’s celebrations are over and you’ve cleaned up the mess, take the time to de-clutter your life. Begin with your morning routine, par it back and work with only what serves you best. We are all subject to a busy and unforgiving world, so spending five minutes upon waking each morning to do a quick body scan, clearing out your head of anything that’s hanging around and unnecessary, journal your dreams if you remember them and breathe deeply. Give gratitude for the morning and your day, and then begin.
De-cluttering of your friends is hard but sometimes so necessary. Some people can become toxic to you over time and a lot of the time we aren’t aware of it. When you are on your own spiritual journey, you grow and expand. Sometimes others don’t. They don’t like that you change, that your attention lies elsewhere and they will do everything in their power to hold you back, to keep you the same. Toxicity quickly spreads. Nip it in the bud.
De-clutter the information you are subject to each day. It’s really easy these days to find a website, like an article and sign up for the newsletter. Before you know it, your inbox is bombarded with emails – hundreds of them appearing overnight, they grow like a fungus – it’s horrifying! I dread waking each morning to see how much the information ‘shroom has expanded in the time I last checked on it. I’m not sure about you, but sometimes the information is regurgitated from someone else’s article, or it’s so ‘fluffy’ I’m not sure why I’m reading it. So, my suggestion is : be ruthless. Keep the ones you know you will read daily, unsubscribe from the rest. Ten subscriptions is the maximum number you should have. If you sign up to a new email list, delete one you are already subscribed to. If you can’t, consider whether the new list is going to give you any more than you’re already getting.
On that, I am about to face my inbox with 5,678 messages (I kid you not, that is the actual number – should I be reading that as a synchronistic number?!) to begin 2019 with a clear mind.
I wish you all a safe and happy new year.  May the gods look upon us all with favour, the earth provide her bounty for us and we share with the world our unconditional love.
Namaste, Leanne

I am a conscious spiritual life coach / mentor, meditation teacher and healer. I work with people globally from all walks of life.  My purpose is guiding people into their true, authentic selves.  We are all significant, we are all powerful, we all seek our freedom.  By connecting into our intuition, developing self love & acceptance, reducing judgement and making conscious choices in all aspects of our lives, we rediscover our inner strength & self-worth, living a life of purpose and meaning.

Connect on Facebook and Instagram.  Safe journeys, Namaste Leanne

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