3 Ways to Reconnect with your Inner Self


We live in a patriarchal society driven by science and engineering, greed and power, actions and accomplishments.  As women, our senses lie with the natural world, with nurturing, creating and caring.  Connecting with our feminine energy regularly is vital for our hormonal health, happiness and our inner sense of self.

In ancient times, our traditions understood this and honoured the many gifts of the Divine Feminine.  In this hectic masculine world, women are realising that we need to reclaim these connections to balance the world.

The following are small but achievable actions you can take daily to reconnect back to your Self and to our beginnings.

Fill your environment with beauty : begin by clearing the clutter, in your home, your office and any space you have as your own.  Clear away everything that does not serve you and fill it with what pleases your senses and your Spirit.  Bring in the calming influences of plants and flowers, rich fabrics, sea shells, crystals, essential oils or anything else that comes from nature that soothes your inner Self.

Slow down and breathe : stop multitasking and begin engaging in each task that you do.  Understand that by living in the moment, you are connecting with the energies of the Earth and savouring each moment however mundane.  Sometimes we forget that each moment that passes is the only time we have to live that moment.  Once it’s upon us, it is gone.  Enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee and appreciate the hands that have brought it from the Earth to your table, savour the piece of chocolate as it melts on your tongue knowing the richness that the Earth has provided for you.

Connect with your Heart : our hearts are our fountains of happiness, where true joy resides.  In our busy world, we lose touch with our inner feelings and the workings of our hearts.  By taking a couple of moments to lay our hand on our heart, close our eyes and truly listen to what it is telling us, we allow ourselves to reconnect back to our inner Self and to live with clarity and love.

Small beginnings lead to bigger steps.

I am a spiritual life coach, mentor, meditation teacher, reiki master, holistic life coach and energy healer. I work with women and guide them into their empowered selves by rediscovering their inner strength, self-worth, power and freedom so that they reconnect with their Higher Selves. What I’m truly passionate about is working in collaboration with other conscious women to bring healing and balance to the world. Connect on Facebook and Instagram.  Safe journeys, Namaste Leanne

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